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Custom Publishing

Well Writ, the writing and editing service, can now provide custom publishing solutions under our imprint Billycan Press.

What is Custom Publishing?

Custom publishing is just that, publishing to meet the needs of each individual who requires a publishing solution. Whether you are after someone to help you produce a report to distribute to colleagues or someone to help you print your family history as a book, we can help.

Custom publishing is not just limited to printed books and reports. We can also help you to digitise your book into PDF and other formats suitable for eBook readers.

If you are interested in selling your books, we can assist with the necessary ISBNs (International Standard Book Number) and barcodes to make your book suitable for retailers.

And if you are not interested in selling your books and only want to print a handful of copies for your family and friends, we can do that too.

What is the Publishing Process like?

We take you, step by step, through the publishing process. We help you to finalise the text you have already written, by editing it for you. If you have a story to tell and don’t want to write it yourself, we can conduct a number of recorded interviews and write it for you.

We can help you to choose what photographs you would like included in the book. We can even scan old photographs for you, or take new photos.

We then engage with a designer, if necessary, who can improve the look of the book by altering the fonts and design. A final PDF of the book is produced for you to read over and approve. Once approved, the book is printed. The final file may also be converted into the required electronic formats for eBook readers.

Billycan Press, and Well Writ, are experienced in all aspects of book and report production. We are more than happy to talk with you about your publishing ideas and requirements.

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