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Backtracks: Recollections of Remarkable Australians

The Backtracks book will be available later this year! Check back in August for a Sales tab on the Billycan Press website to purchase your copy of Backtracks.

‘The sail just lifted me up ... over the edge of the sail, hanging on with two hands. That was nearly my last day at sea.’ Captain Donald L Garnham

 ‘I came over on the ferry from Manly going to work the next morning ... one of the two thousand passengers on board a very crowded ferry. I was reading the latest bestseller called Gone with the Wind. Not one single person even noticed that the Kuttabul’s funnel was just sticking up out of the water. It wasn’t until later in the day that we found out what had happened during the night.' Jean Nysen (McKenzie) WR-87

Backtracks: Recollections of Remarkable Australians is a collection of engaging stories told by those who have witnessed the best, and the worst, of Australia. Each Backtracks chapter focuses on an interview with a single person. Joely Taylor integrates their interviews seamlessly into each story and takes the reader on a journey across Australia, and across time. From sailing aboard a four-masted barque in 1936 to witnessing the West Gate Bridge disaster in 1970, Backtracks captures the history behind some of Australia’s most iconic places and interesting people, brings to life the challenges and the reality of life in Australia and celebrates the real Australia for what, and more importantly who, it is.

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