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Sparra from Yarra

Sparra’s horse-drawn caravan is parked next to the pub at Whorouly, a tiny town on the Ovens River, just off the ‘Snow Road’ and a few minutes’ drive from Myrtleford in Victoria. Sparra, whose real name is Ray Weygood, passes this way each summer on his travels around northern Victoria. Known as ‘Sparra from Yarra’, he lives in Yarrawonga, where the Murray River cuts the border between Victoria and New South Wales and forms Lake Mulwala.

Ray Weygood a.k.a. 'Sparra from Yarra'

In the summer months he is more likely to be found travelling slowly down the backroads of northern Victoria in his horse-drawn caravan. Sparra built the caravan about ten years ago and had it painted by the Yarrawonga Arts Group. Kitted out with a twin-system air conditioner, Sparra carries just about everything he needs on board.

I’ve got a bed and I’ve got a twin system air-conditioner in it and I’ve got a satellite television and I’ve got a fridge and all these appliances run off solar, a panel up on the roof with two big batteries under the cart and a George Foreman grill and a toaster and an electric jug and so I don’t need power or anything like that.

Travelling up to 3,000 kilometres in a summer, Sparra sets out from Yarrawonga and follows the local shows and music festivals throughout Victoria and lower New South Wales: ‘Well this trip will be about 500 kilometres, about 3,000 kilometres a year, I suppose, because I go to Rushworth, to Balranald. I go to Echuca... about 3,000 kilometres in a year.’

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