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Exploring Geelong

Today I found some interesting books at a bookshop in Geelong called Barwon Booksellers ( The staff were extremely helpful in searching for books and I bought The Snowy: the people behind the power by Siobhan McHugh and Redgum & paddlewheels: Australia’s inland river trade by P.J. Phillips. The second book has a cracker of a photo of a camel train crossing a bridge in Wilcannia with a paddlewheel puffing down the Darling River under the bridge. Located 200 kilometres east of Broken Hill, Wilcannia was the third largest port in New South Wales in 1890.

Barwon Booksellers

 I also visited the Geelong Naval and Maritime Museum ( and the National Wool Museum ( Both museums were quite interesting but I think the most exciting thing for me is that I am beginning to see at the museums I visit ships, aeroplanes, places and things related to each of the people I am interviewing. For instance, at the Maritime Museum I saw paintings of several of the ships Don Garnham sailed on and a radio much like the type Jean Nysen used during WWII. 

Door from the Courier, a steamship (now scuttled at the Ships' Graveyard off Port Phillip Heads), at the Geelong Naval and Maritime Museum

Wool being used to make a wool rug at the National Wool Museum

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